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We get a lot request to create some of your favourite Kyber Crystals, Droid Personality Chips and Lightsabers, but we will need some help to make your dreams a reality.

The 3 most popular requests that are shown are:

1st. The Jedi Temple Guard Lightsaber Set

2nd. Gungi's Lightsaber

3rd. Assajj Ventress

If you would like to see these made and available on Howes Kybers, use the donation button below.

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If you would like something specific available on Howes Kybers in the future, use the button below to leave us a message and we will do our best to add them to this page, and hopefully with the help of some funding, one day they will be in our store.

Jedi Temple Guard Lightsaber Set

Temple Guards carried lightsaber pikes—thick, double-bladed lightsabers that produced a yellow blade. Some Temple Guards also had a single-bladed yellow lightsaber. Each lightsaber was assigned to the guards in order to help maintain the anonymity of their ranks.


Gungi's Lightsaber

The personal lightsaber of the Wookiee Jedi youngling Gungi. The weapon was constructed out of the wood from a Brylark tree and emitted a green blade. It was built aboard the Paladin-class corvette Crucible in the year 20 BBY.


Assajj Ventress Lightsaber Set

The paired lightsabers used by Komari Vosa and Asajj Ventress emitted a red blade when activated. The activation stud on these lightsabers was concealed. As paired lightsabers, the two weapons could be joined together at the hilt with fibercord to function as a saberstaff, but due to the curved form of the handle, it was somewhat more difficult to wield, especially with the precision demanded by Makashi.

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